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Hyundai Sends a Message to Space

When Stephanie started missing her dad she never thought this will happen!

Stephy’s dad has one of the weirdest jobs in life… ” An Astronaut “, yes, he works in space not like any other regular dad and stephanie does miss her dad a lot as she cannot see him and this time she wanted to send him the ” I LOVE YOU ” message, but she did not think this would be possible while she is here on earth and in that way too!

Hyundai Sends a Message to Space

Hyundai heard about her story and went beyond “EARTH” to deliver her message to her dad, they brought 11 Hyundai Genesis cars and sent them to the desert and did all the programing to write-up the word ” Steph <3’s you! ” up to a size her dad can see the message from space and the result was astonishing.
This message was officially acknowledged as “The largest tire track image” by the Guinness World Records.

a huge applause to Hyundai for achieving this record, they hit 5 birds with 1 rock:

1. Making the girl happy
2. Achieving a world record
3. Create a viral campaign (9 Millions view till date and counting in less than a week)
4. Indirectly promoting their new Genesis.
5. Post activity activation on a micro website where you can write your own message and a dedicated video will be created for you to share it on your social networks (check the link below)

Perfect campaign for Hyundai

Create your own message to space here “Click the photo”
Screenshot from Hyundai website

Watch the Video

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