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Google tops YouGov’s inaugural global brand health rankings, google headquarter

Google tops YouGov’s inaugural global brand health rankings

Google tops the first-ever global brand health rankings released by YouGov BrandIndex. In a list dominated by online brands, the search giant comes in...
youtube error, google boycott, youtube boycott, youtube advertising

Google boycott: Is it all about free PR?

Originally Published by Stefan Michel – professor of marketing and service management at IMD business school in Switzerland. Swiss companies, such as the soft cheese manufacturer Baer and...
YouGov, best brands in Egypt 2017, vodafone egypt social media, Kitkat, iPhone, Google, Youtube, Facebook, National bank of Egypt, Almarai, Galaxy

YouGov: top 10 best perceived brands by women in Egypt

YouGov’s Brandindex yearly rankings of the best perceived brands by women in Egypt has been topped by Facebook. This year’s ranking of the best perceived...
youtube reactivates amr diab

YouTube Reactivates Amr Diab’s Channel

The video-sharing website YouTube reactivated Amr Diab's channel few minutes ago after a sudden termination yesterday. It's still unclear why YouTube removed and reactivated the channel in less than...
YouTube Terminates Amr Diab Channel, Digital Boom, amr diab, youtube channel, rotana, terminate, close channel

Breaking News: YouTube Terminates Amr Diab Channel

Update: Youtube has reactivated Amr Diab's channel Amr Diab's youtube channel has been terminated hours before the new album's release on April 28. The reason is still...
Youtube Arabic Movie library

YouTube Launches Aflam Arabic Movies Library

Youtube Aflam is a movie library, aggregating Egyptian cinema classics from different official channels in one organized channel. Aggregation is a smart way to create a movies library on youtube. It's...

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