YouGov: top 10 best perceived brands by women in Egypt

YouGov’s Brandindex yearly rankings of the best perceived brands by women in Egypt has been topped by Facebook.

This year’s ranking of the best perceived brands by women leans heavily toward two categories: technology and food products.

  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. Galaxy
  4. YouTube
  5. Kitkat
  6. iPhone
  7. Almarai
  8. National Bank of Egypt
  9. Cadbury
  10. Molto

Facebook takes the number one position as the most positively perceived brand among women in Egypt.

With the launch of new and improved app features and the launch of ‘Marketplace’, consumers are continually engaging with the brand.

Google comes in second place, together with making the headlines for continuous technological developments, Google continued to demonstrate its support for women in 2016 by collaborating with 25 Egyptian women for a special doodle to help them voice their hopes and dreams for 2016’s International Women’s Day.

The company’s initiative also featured a special video shot in Cairo featuring the women. Google said through their doodles they try to get closer to users by highlighting key events close to their hearts. Youtube is the final tech brand in the rankings taking fourth position.

Chocolate brands make up the majority product sector in the top 10, with Galaxy leading the way in third position, followed by KitKat in fifth, Cadbury in ninth and Molto rounding out the table in tenth place.

iPhone is the only mobile handset brand in the top 10 at sixth place, with the much anticipated launch of the iPhone 7 handsets in 2016.

Introducing water-resistance and an improved camera to the phone was noticeably welcomed by female consumers.

Almarai sits at seventh place, the largest vertically integrated dairy producer in the Middle East ignited social media in 2016 with the launch of its film on mother’s milk and its family-focused advertising.

The mother’s milk video became the second most shared video on YouTube in the world in just one week and came in globally as the seventh most shared video of 2016.

The National Bank of Egypt is the only financial institution in the top 10, taking eighth place in the rankings.


Following the trend of the top 10 list, the greatest improvers over the past year focus only on tech and food brands.

Om Hassan takes first place in improvers, the Egyptian restaurant chain proving popular among women in Egypt.

Huawei the technology company comes in second place and has seen huge growth throughout 2016 in Egypt. Huawei has focused on products that meet the needs of various social segments, in particular the Y family of products which meet the needs of the middle class youth demographic and smart phones novices, have been hugely successful in Egypt, the Huawei Y5II and Y3II achieved sales of 42,000 mobile phones during the first 50 days following their release in the market.

Instagram is the only social media app among improvers, sitting in third place, with the introduction of their ‘stories’ in 2016 helping to maintain a positive perception among women in Egypt.

El-Hasan wi el-hussain at fifth place leads the food products, followed by Sina Cola (sixth), Abu Shakra (seventh), El Haneim (eighth) and McDonalds (ninth).

In tenth place Vodafone Egypt rounds out the top 10 improvers, with the mobile network increasing in positive perception among women in Egypt over the past year.

YouGov’s BrandIndex Daily Brand Tracker measured women’s Brand Perception by asking women aged 18 and over daily “Do you have a general positive or negative impression of the brand?”. Respondents are interviewed from YouGov’s online panel.

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