3 Creative Egyptian Women Who Master E-commerce

E-commerce empowers small businesses to grow by generating revenues without having real stores. That’s why it is necessary that you build and develop a strong online presence to prove your existence and stand out.

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Today, we would like to showcase three success stories of Egyptian women who seized the opportunity in the online fashion market and started their own e-commerce stores alongside creating appealing brands, pairing in mind 3 main pillars:

  • Create a brand identity with a target audience
  • Build a strong/creative website with e-commerce enabled
  • Use creative photographies
  • Optimize social media

Shuffle Designs

Amal Salah, the young architect, is the mastermind behind Shuffle Designs. She created the studio from her home. Amal creates nail portraits for almost any picture. She started with her Facebook page and managed to increase the audience in less than a year.

She managed to turn her passion and creativity work into a solid brand in the field of design and décor. Her work doesn’t include ready-made conceptual work, she also offers customized portraits. And to give more exposure to her brand, Amal created campaigns through her works like her movie collection which you can check on her page.

Shuffle Designs is proof that moms can still master a brand from zero to greatness.


Launched in 2013, sisters Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf managed to launch Okhtein, their brand to bring uniqueness to the fashion scene. Their passion for design allowed them to be one of the top fashion brands in the country.

Okhtein is not just another fashionista blog; it is a well-established website that promotes a classy brand in fashion. The sisters managed to make this brand so unique that you won’t be able to close their website while you are browsing through their products.

The success behind Okhtein is the fact that each product has its own individuality. You won’t find repetition or stereotype here.

They were able to add to the fashion scene through their online presence. Aya and Mounaz succeeded in adding diversity to the fashion scene and managed to preserve their own brand among other top fashion brands in the country.

J’s Designs

Jude Benhalim created her own brand of jewelry designs from her passion for Nubian culture. J’s Designs are a fusion of oriental and Nubian beauty.

Jude’s work is unique and simple. She adds a concept to each design she creates. It is not simply a piece of accessory; it is a design to empower women. Her new “SHE” collection is specifically designed to help women feel their inner beauty.

J’s Designs is about making accessories, not only something to wear but something to highlight women’s inner beauty.

Her passion is reflected through her designs which she hopes women would feel confident and powerful when wearing them.

This is not everything, keep up with us for more inspiring & successful stories from Egypt and the Middle East.

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