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Uber or Careem? are taking the scene in Egypt

Uber or Careem? – Two of the most famous online taxi apps – are up and running in Egypt, offering Cairenes a quality alternative transportation at a click of a button. Digital Boom contributing writer Amr Kamal compares both services, assessing user experience and mobile app usability covering multiple factors – user registration, ride options, taxi availability, pickup time, tracking information, sharing ride information, ride fares, billing options and customer service.

Uber or Careem? Here is a comparison between the two trending mobile apps to help you choose what’s best for you

Updated 18th July, 2016
Popularity483 cities worldwide.24 cities in the Middle East & Africa.
RegistrationE-mail address + Mobile NumberE-mail address
Ride OptionsEconomy & business carsEconomy & business cars
Rides availabilityMore available at a slightly higher priceImproved availability with normal prices
Request pickup timeRequest it NOWNOW or LATER, with extra charge for later rides
PickupSaves up to 2 addressesSave multiple addresses
Car RequestProvides nearest rides & ETAProvides nearest rides & ETA
Track your rideTracks your ride even when the app is closedProvides tracking service but requires a lot of effort to retrieve after closing the app
Sharing ride InfoShareableShareable
Splitting ride farePossibleNot possible
Driver EvaluationRating through the appRating through the app and SMS
Fare rateStarting Fare: EGP 3, EGP 1.3 per km + EGP 0.2 per minute, Minimum Fare = EGP 10Starting Fare: EGP 5, EGP 1.65 per km, Minimum Fare = EGP 10
Customer ServiceIn app help service, with email communication24/7 call center
Trip CancellationDeducts EGP 10 after 5-10 minutes of ride cancelationDeducts EGP10 after 5-10 minutes of ride cancelation
Trip BillTrip receipt is sent to client’s email with more details on the tripTrip receipt is sent to client’s email with less details
Payment methodsCredit Card or CashCredit Card or Cash
Trip HistoryComplete history of your trips, payments and driver details on the mobile app and websiteHistory log is only available on the website

Now, which one will you use in your next ride, Uber or Careem?

Amr Kamal
I'm a Senior UX Designer based in Cairo, Egypt, working in digital advertising at FP7/CAI. The most important aspects of my daily routine is to take good care of the users and make sure that they get what they want in the easiest way and in no time!.
  • Lana Y. Helmy

    That is a helpful article, it sums it all actually!

  • Amr Kamal

    Thank you @lanayhelmy:disqus 🙂

  • Nermin Mustafa

    Ofcourse uber

  • Amr … Ur ROCK

  • Mohamed Negm

    nice article and comparison presentation Amr (Y) but uber dont support cash

  • Mohamed Negm

    nice article and comparison presentation Amr (Y) but uber dont support cash , and thats why i choose careem besides they insist in credit card not any cards and mine is debit

  • digitalboom

    Hi Mohamd, thanks a lot for your comment, we’re glad you liked the comparison Amr has done.

    Uber is currently testing cash payment option, please check this announcement:

    Any new user can now register without credit card and simply choose cash payment instead.


  • Mohamed Negm

    عقبال اسكندرية يا ريس … ومتشكر لاهتمامكو بتوضيح المعلومة ليا 🙂

  • Amr Kamal

    Thank you @bolica:disqus 7abibi 🙂

  • Amr Kamal

    Thank you @disqus_B2CndQk5d1:disqus for your comment 🙂 and thanks for digital boom for elaborating the cash option 🙂 Enjoy your ride

  • Muhammed Irfan Akrem

    U can choose payments mathod in uber also cash or credit

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  • salman alsalman

    Yesterday midnight I was with a trip with Careem, once he dropped me off to the requested location, I noticed that my mobile phone was in the Captain’s Car, so I can’t call him because the captain’s number is in my phone which is in the Captain’s car!
    In order to get the Captains number I logged in my account from my friends phone and searched my ride’s history and found every detail except for his phone number!
    So I use my friends phone to call Careems’ hotline 920033786 and 920001846 and the amazing thing is NO ONE IS ANSWERING I called for more than 2 Hours!
    So I go on Twitter in an attempt to contact you (to give me the Captain’s phone number) and guess what happens? They DON’T ANSWER ! There is no concern for my emergency call for help!

    After several Hours of trying to contact Careem through various ways which there was no slight concern or interest in my situation, I gave up on Careem’s Customer Care Service!
    I took the matter in my own hands, I tracked my phone through “Find My Phone” and after wondering the streets of Riyadh late at night searching for my phone, I found the Captains Car and Asked for my phone back and he gave it back to me.

    Yesterday Night was a horrible experience with Careem. I use Careem a couple of time per month I really like the app, Captains, Cars and the quality of service that Careem provides ! but yesterday, once Careem’s service was put to the test for more than 4 hours there was no simple effort made to help a Customer in need, and that’s why I will defiantly will not use Careem in the future.
    The Funny story was; That my Friend and I was debating on what App to use that night, and I was going on with Careem’s Features and quality of service. Since I was paying my friend had to accept that we are going to use Careem. So all the time I was trying to reach Customer Care Representative through various ways he Kept saying “I told you, Uber is way better” and the most miserable thing was I kept agreeing with him although, I once had faith that Careem was the best without any doubt, but sadly not any more.
    Anyway, I don’t know why I am Writing this, but maybe I thought I owed Careem a story of “why I stopped using Careem” before I quit using it.

    At the end, I would like to thank for making my life a little harder yesterday, but that will not happen again.

  • Kees Hulsman

    I have been using Careem in Cairo/Egypt thus far. But on 18 February a Careem captain who claimed to have no change filled in that he actually received less money from me than received. I wrote Careem management in Egypt who have ignored this until now. This experience shows a very poor customer service of Careem. I will switch to uber!