Top 10 Egyptian Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram

Fashion in Egypt has evolved over time to match – and, in some instances, even exceed – global standards.

Today, a number of Egyptian fashion bloggers have taken up the challenge to showcase the best fashion trends from the Land of the Nile.

Their effect is seen in the eyes of Instagram and other social media sights have been so influential that even international designers have admitted that these Eastern women have a taste for high fashion trends. Some design houses even follow the MENA region in the hope that it will inspire the fashion trends of today and tomorrow.

That said, Egyptian fashion on Instagram is available to anyone who follows the right fashionistas. These women are rising up to the challenge in every aspect of haute couture and everyday wear. A number of these stylish Egyptian beaus also double up as fashion bloggers. In this, they direct theirs follows toward new trends bot in the fashion world and in their social and professional lives.

The fashion trends in Egypt have additionally swept over to other aspects of modern, empowered living. Some of the fashionistas are working their magic in the MENA region and beyond by encouraging women everywhere to explore beyond their borders, try out new restaurants, and reach out to other young people through a variety of charities.

So, who are these fashion icons out of the Land that gave us Cleopatra? What contributions are they making? Consider the list below:

1. Hadia Ghaleb

Hadia Ghlaeb instagram account
Hadia Ghlaeb / Instagram

Hadia Ghaleb ranks among the most sought-after fashionistas and social media personalities on Instagram. Apart from founding the Ghaleb Production House, this Uber-stylish and self-confessed entrepreneur and athlete believes in capturing, wearing, and seeing art – which she executes perfectly in her Instagram posts.

2. Sahar Foad 

Sara Foad
Sahar Foad / Instagram

An Egyptian fashion blogger and part of the larger Ghaleb Production House, Sahar Foad will inspire anyone looking for ideas on how to wear turbans the modern way. The different styles showcased on her Instagram account are likely to revolutionize the global view of Eastern beauty in the near future.

3. Nourhan Eissa

Nourhan Eissa
Nourhan Eissa / Instagram

With 218,000+ followers, it is now surprising that Nourhan Eissa has made it to the list of the top 10 fashionistas in Egypt. Follow this lifestyle blogger, explorer, socialite, and founder of Double Trouble Entertainment.

4. Noha El Sherbini

Noha El-Sherbini / Instagram

Coming in 4th at 153k followers, Noha is as beautiful and as stylish as they come. A mother of two and one of the owners at Teela Designs, Noha also influences social media and the lifestyle scene in Egypt.

5. Farah Emara

Farah Emara fashionista on instagram
Farah Emara / Instagram

For a bit of positive energy and sunshine, follow Farah on Instagram. This Egyptian fashion blogger is known for her signature hijabs, flashing smiles, and hip and young style.

6. Salma Abu Deif 

Salma Abo Daif
Salma Abu Deif

Salma, who has over 111k followers, appreciates every kind of art. She also doubles up as a model, explorer, and actress.

7. Mariam Yehia 

Mariam Yehia
Mariam Yehia / Instagram

A fashion designer at heart and at work, Mariam typically globetrot from her Egyptian seclusion to the runways of Egypt and the shops of Dubai for inspiration. Check out her Instagram to acquire some of this style.

8. Huda El Mufti 

huda elmufti on instagram
Hude ElMufti / Instagram

An art and nature fan, as well as beauty, Huda has come into the limelight on account of her unique fashion sense. Her urbane glam guides the fashion choices of many young women in Egypt and beyond.

9. Aliaa El Asseily 

Aliaa El Asseily on instagram, egyptian fashion
Aliaa El Asseily / Instagram

Aliaa is an Egyptian designer, certified stylist, and one of the leading fashion icons you should follow if you need insight into what’s hot and what’s not.

10. Nouran Khalifa 

Nourhan Khalifa on instagram
Nourhan Khalifa / Instagram

Fashion and celebrity photographer and lifestyle blogger are a couple of the monikers used to describe Nouran. However, her large following on Instagram renders her a leading icon and celebrity in her own right.

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