Breaking News: YouTube Terminates Amr Diab Channel

Update: Youtube has reactivated Amr Diab’s channel

Amr Diab’s youtube channel has been terminated hours before the new album’s release on April 28. The reason is still unclear, however, rumors refer to Rotana following the recent contract termination which resulted in an aggressive media war.

Amr Diab and Rotana war over social media

During the last five months, Diab and Rotana have been in a media war over the contract termination, Diab made all his Rotana albums private on Youtube but that didn’t cause any harm on Amr’s social media channels, until today, as the social media team decided to upload the new album to his Youtube channel, what was immediately followed by the channel termination.

YouTube says “Amr Diab has been terminated because we’ve received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material that the user posted.”

Screenshot from Youtube

Amr Diab’s youtube channel has over 1.1M subscribers and 41,798,032 video views.

No comment has been made by Amr Diab on the incident yet. Also the identity of the multiple third-party reporter is still unknown.

Diab’s fans started a boycott campaign against Rotana and Youtube to support the Egyptian pop-star.

Digital Boom is investigating the case, and will keep you posted as situation develops.

Stay tuned!

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