Cairo Cristal Academy Puts Advertising On Top of Agenda

Brand storytelling, audience targeting and content distribution are on the agenda of the Nov. 25 Cairo Cristal Academy conference.

Dedicated to the Cairo Cristal Academy, sphinx awards, mena Cristal Academy, digital boom mena, Egypt digital boom, digital wards egypt, marketing egypt, advertising egypt, advertising cairo, social media eventsadvertising and marketing communications industry in Egypt and the MENA region, the Academy will also present Sphinx Awards to the best Egyptian campaigns.

The conference is an outlet for marketers, media and advertising agencies to network and benefit from regional and international expertise.

Other topics on the conference agenda include activeness of users of social networks, digital advertising spend, information technology development and mobile phone penetration. Stay tuned for the full program!

Registration for the event is still open. Get your ticket by visiting the event’s official website.

See you there!