Vodafone’s new Campaign ‘Cheer for Egypt to Win’ Focuses on Fans

Vodafone Egypt has kicked off a new marketing campaign “Cheer for Egypt to Win” makes fans into active participants ahead of the 2017 Cup of African Nations taking place this month.

The campaign appeared first on Instagram as influencers flooded the social network with anonymous campaign calling on their followers to support Egypt’s national team using the hashtag #شجع_مصر_تكسب (cheer for Egypt to win). 

Two out of six commercial adverts were released today, showing glorious moments of Egypt’s national team and hard times in previous editions of the African Cup of Nations – Simultaneously, featuring funny stories of fans who sacrificed their comfort, time and social lives, just to support the national team to win, rewarding them with free minutes and special offers every time the team wins in the 2017’s Cup of African nations, recognizing fans’ continuous support to the team and empowering them to keep the spirit.

Watch ‘Cheer for Egypt to win’ ads

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