Egypt Bans 4 Ramadan Ads Over Alleged Ethical Violations

The Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) put off air the TV commercials of Juhayna, Cottonil, Dice and Birell on charges of violating public morals and breaching advertising standards, the CPA said in an official statement Saturday.

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“[The commercials] violated personal dignity; disrespected public taste, customs and community traditions; breached public morals; and used children in violation of advertising standards,” said CPA, adding that it received several complaints from consumers and spotted the abuses through its media monitoring unit.

Juhayna – El Dondoo

Juhayna’s TV commercial carried sexual connotations, used children in violation of advertising standards, and misled consumers by implying that the company’s milk is better than breastmilk, said the CPA.


Birell shows a young man peaking into the private area of another man at a bathroom, which breaches public morals, CPA added.


Cottonil shows a group of women in underwear, using sexually explicit sound effects. The commercial also violated the law, endangering the lives of children in a scene where a man, a woman and two children ride a motorbike without helmet protection, CPA said.


Dice’s commercial shows the body of naked woman in underwear, said CPA. It carries many sexual insinuations, promoting immorality and justifying infidelity, the agency added.

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