Juhayna’s Talking Babies ‘Eldondo’ Advertisements Win Laughs

Juhayna’s three talking baby boys advertisements won viewers’ laughter on the first day of Ramadan as they discuss growing out of breastmilk, and embracing Juhayna dairy as a sign of masculinity.

The commercial advertisements generated 10,000 views and 700 interactions on Facebook, and over 100 conversations on Twitter in the first two hours.

The ad features a baby whining over missing “Eldondo”, which is a new word the advertisers came up with to refer to breastmilk. Another masculine baby responds explaining that he needs to quit Eldondo to grow up and become a man.

The ad ends with an adult’s voice over: “Juhayna milk is number one in Egypt, after Eldondo, of course”.

The same babies appeared in a separate Juhayna juice commercial, which wasn’t as funny as the first.

Creative agency Kingtut
Digital agency: Kijamii
Media Agency: Starcom
Brand: Juhayna

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