Facebook lifts 20% text overlay image restrictions for all

Your ads are Facebook-approved regardless of the amount of text used, as facebook has dropped it’s 20% text overlay rule for all marketeers globally. The update was first introduced in April to UK and Ireland digital marketeers.

Now, ads with higher amounts of text will receive less or no delivery at all. Use the new Facebook text overlay tool to check your ad’s reach.

How to use the new Facebook text overlay tool?

Go to the text overlay tool, Upload your image to check text effect on your ads performance and reach before boosting, as following:

1- Image Text: OK
Your ad will run normally.

2- Image Text: Low
Your ad’s reach may be slightly lower.

3- Image Text: Medium
Your ad’s reach may be much lower.

4- Image Text: High
Your ad may not run.

Snapshot from the new text overlay tool – Facebook

Check facebook’s guide to use text on image.

Here’re examples of the new four scenarios

Source: facebook advertising help center

But there’re exceptions for images with too much text

Product images and book covers with product name, legal terms and conditions will not receive a reduce in reach, facebook promised. However, it’s not allowed to close up or zoomed in images of logos. Your image must show the entire product.

See the examples below to understand some of the types of text that won’t limit delivery:

Source: Facebook

FYI, other elements that count as text, according to facebook

  • Logos – Any text-based logo is counted as text regardless of its size or alignment
  • Watermark – Watermarks are considered as text, even if they’re mandatory or as per their brand guidelines
  • Numbers – All numbers are considered as text

The 20% text limit nightmare is over, but is it everything?

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