F8: New Facebook APIs for Media Companies

Facebook announced the introduction of new four Facebook APIs designed to help media companies integrate Facebook content and data into their broadcasts &reporting. The announcement comes a week after Facebook introduced FB Newswire, a tool designed to help journalists publicly share posts into their reporting.
The Facebook APIs now available to media companies are: Trending, Topic Insights, Topic Feed, and Hashtag Counter.
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Interactive touch screen at f8, enables you to review latest trends and hot topics on Facebook


The Trending API exposes a list of depersonalized trends that people are currently talking about on Facebook.

Topic Insights

The Topic Insights API provides aggregate anonymized insights about people mentioning a certain topic.

Topic Feed

The Topic Feed API lets you search for any topic and see a ranked feed of public posts about that topic.

Hashtag Counter

The Hashtag Counter API lets you count the number of times a specific hashtag has been used within a certain timeframe.
These new APIs are designed for developers like those in the Public Content Solutions program (announced last month), or in-house teams at media companies; Facebook has been providing an email address contentsolutions@fb.com – for those who want to develop products with the new APIs. (a-like twitter tools)
This is a great news for people at media agencies who were struggling with Facebook buzz analysis for years, even after Facebook launched hashtags, it’s really difficult to get accurate and real-time insights for a certain topic or generally what’s trending on Facebook.