Funny Pepsi Halloween Ad, Coca Cola Responds Beautifully

Pepsi & Coca Cola’s war continues with a genius pepsi Halloween ad, along with a beautiful response by Coca Cola, which went viral like fire since both were published on 9GAG. Pepsi initiated the first strike by dressing up like Coca Cola, saying “We wish you a scary halloween” — We scanned all Pepsi’s channels around the world but found nothing, it’s all viral.

Coca Cola responded beautifully with a blow strike, saying “Everyone wants to be a hero!” Again it wasn’t pushed by any of Coca Cola’s official accounts.

Pepsi Halloween Ad  “We wish you a scary Halloween” (Unofficial)

pepsi halloween
We wish you a scary halloween!

Coca Cola’s Response “Everyone wants to be a hero” (Unofficial)

Pepsi & Coca Cola halloween's war
Pepsi & Coca Cola halloween’s war

We wish you an enjoyable Halloween 🙂