How Instagram Can Help Your Business?

Instagram is one of the biggest online mobile photos and videos sharing in the world because of its amazing filters and the lovely interface.

Instagram colorfully

Important Milestones:

launched October 2010, first created by Kevin Systrom as a website However it was available as a mobile app for Apple devices only such as iPhone, iPad

– April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion stock and cash

– October 2012, Gained their first 100 million active users distributed through the mobile Apps and web

– On April 2012, Added a support to Android through Google play

– October 2013, Became available for blackberry 10 and Nokia windows phone

How Instagram can help your business?

As any other social network platform, Instagram helps brands to build a relationship with consumers, the good thing about Instagram that it’s still not involved in politics and trashy debates, it’s for elite customers and the environment is mostly positive, so we think that brands should make use of such opportunity as following:

  • Invite followers to Window Shop
  • Take Users Behind the Scene
  • Offer Followers Exclusive Benefits
  • Mix Fun Images with other from Business
  • Share with followers fun images with short story
  • Post photos that are relevant to your brand and potential customers.

  • Use related Hashtags and mentions to drive more traffic “It’s MAGIC”
  • Involve your products smartly in your posts
  • Share the Cuteness of your brand and how it is human

Power of #Hashtags

Instagram Digital Boom hashtag

FYI, Instagram Direct

On December 12, 2013, the company announced the launch of Direct messages, this feature allowing users to send photos to specific people only directly from the app. 

Another FYI, Privacy Updates:

Recently, an update on the privacy option for mobile app which allowed users to control their sharing privacy. Also, They can share photos to Facebook pages.

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