Lexus Hoverboard Is Now Alive!

YES! Lexus hover board is now real. Lexus made every child who was born in the 80’s dream’s come true.

Introducing the Lexus Hoverboard

The Lexus Hoverboard

Lexus Hover board
SLIDE is the name of the 4th global campaign within the ‘ Amazing in Motion ‘ projects by Lexus, in order to show the other side of Lexus in innovation, technology and craftsmanship.
Lexus made a 30 years-old dream come true, by creating a prototype Hoverboard as a part of their ‘Amazing in Motion


Back in 1985 when the movie ‘Back to the Future‘ was released we saw things that we might never seen ever because it is just a “Movie”, we saw the (Time machine car, Time machine train & the famous ‘Hover-Board’.

Back to the Future – HUVr Board

When everyone saw this invention, it was a mind blowing thing and many tried to make this happen over the past 30 years! And guess what?

What is Amazing in Motion?

Lexus wanted to move out and show its capability outside the sphere of creating car to CREATE AMAZING  campaigns which started with STEPS then SWARM then STROBE to show the other side of lexus when it combines technology with craftsmanship and design all in one, people were truly amazed for what is coming out from a luxurious Japanese car maker.
More videos and images will be coming soon to show the making of and see the hoverboard in action!
Follow the Journey of Lexus Hoverboard using the hashtag #LEXUSHOVER
Whenever we think what we see in movies are just for movies something comes up to tell us that these ideas are not just imaginary!