Syrian Girl Moves Hearts at MBC The Voice Kids

In its first season, MBC The Voice Kids introduced a 9-year-old Syrian girl who moved our hearts while singing a song for children’s rights in Syria.

Ghina Bou Hemdan, a Syrian participant, cried during her MBC The Voice Kids audition. She performed a song called “give us childhood, give us peace” for the Lebanese singer Remi Bandali.

Ghina, who had never seen a children’s amusement park, but heard about it from her oldest sister, told MBC in an interview before her audition that “she only sees the bloody sky, hears bomb and feels fear every day because of the war in Syria.” The girl teared up when Nancy Ajram pushed the button and turned for her; she explained why she cried during her audition and said, “because I’m happy.”

The original song describes how miserable Lebanese children were during The Civil War (1975 to 1990), resulting in an estimated 120,000 victims, which is the same case in Syria.

Heba Bitar @HebaBitar on Twitter summarized it all with this tweet “because Syrian kids deserve Joy & peace.”

Social media reacted fast.