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New on Facebook: See Who’s Posting as Your Page


Starting on 20 February, the names of admins will show next to their posts and comments. This will be visible to anyone with an admin role on your Page.facebook digital boom

Following pages managers’ suggestions to enhance the experience on the giant social network, Facebook has released a new feature to let pages’ top management to monitor the activities on their pages by who from their teams in order to contain any misalignment, out of zone activities and etc…

Facebook built their scenario as If multiple people help manage my Page, how can I see who posted something?

On a Page post, the name of the person who posted will be listed below the name of your Page next to Posted by. On a Page comment, the name of the person who commented will be listed below the comment next to Commented on by. Keep in mind that only people who help manage your Page can see this information.


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Now you can monitor any post on your Page, recognize your team members, measure quality, trace unplanned activities and stay on control of your team.

Update: Below is how it looks like
Facebook posting like your page

What else Facebook needs to include to improve your business performance? Drop us a comment.

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