Remembering a Loved One: Steps to Memorialize a Facebook Profile

Facebook has provided a limited set of tools to empower the close circles of individuals who have passed away, allowing them to influence how their loved ones’ profiles are presented on the social network.

These tools encompass the ability to delete or memorialize profiles, restrict photo and life event privacy to friends, control profile search visibility for friends and non-friends, and even create special “look back” videos upon request to commemorate those who have passed.

To initiate the memorialization process for a Facebook profile, individuals can conveniently fill out a designated form. Verified immediate family members hold the privilege to request the removal of a loved one’s Facebook account.

  1. To memorialize someone’s profile, you can fill out this form.
  2. Verified immediate family members may request the removal of a loved one’s account from Facebook.

Facebook is responsive to user feedback, particularly in cases involving the loss of a friend or family member, where memorializing the deceased’s timeline is often sought. Recognizing the sensitivity of this process, Facebook has undertaken a comprehensive review of its approach to memorialization.

In a significant policy change, Facebook now preserves the visibility of a memorialized profile’s content as it was during the individual’s lifetime, respecting their privacy choices. This allows extended family and friends to continue accessing content according to the departed person’s expectations.

Moreover, Facebook has introduced the option to create commemorative “look back” videos for those who have passed away. This service is easily accessible by submitting a request to Facebook, and the platform will execute the task promptly.

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