Coca Cola becomes the first brand to get its emoji on twitter

Coca Cola became the first brand to get a branded emoji on twitter. The Coca-Cola emoji featuring two Coke bottles clinking when using the hashtag #ShareaCoke in tweets.
The company said on a blog post “This is the first time Twitter is building a custom brand emoji for a global advertising partner. Coca-Cola will promote the record-setting attempt on its Times Square sign in New York through the weekend”.
For decades, Coca Cola is doing what it takes to make its brand strong and memorable. With a lot of innovation, crazy ideas and creative campaigns. Today, the way Coca Cola does branding has taken a new level by introducing #ShareaCoke hashtag with two Coca Cola cheering bottles. It is a revolution in the way companies will do branding in the next few years.

Coca-Cola announced the launch of its emoji on twitter

Will we see more brands creating their custom brand emoji on twitter soon? And will Facebook join the emoji thing? Stay with us for the latest hot topics in marketing and advertising.

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