Facebook empowers users with reactions emojis

To end up the debate, there will be no dislike button but reactions. Facebook is rolling out a new set of six reactions emojis to be placed right beside the like button to empower users express their real feelings about stories on Facebook. A user can choose to like, love, laugh, wow, sad or angry to express how they feel toward stories on facebook in a better user experience.
Finally, there will be NO likes on death posts on Facebook.
Express how you exactly feel about stories on Facebook than before, like, love, admire, laugh, shocked, sad, and anger.

Facebook Reactions Emojis in Action
Facebook said that “the pop-up feature will first start out as a test in two markets only, Spain and Ireland, before it decides whether to tweak it and/or how to roll it out further.
(The reason for those two countries? Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s director of product, says it’s because both have largely national user bases without extensive international friend networks, so they work better as closed test groups. Ireland is English speaking, while Spain lets Facebook test out how well the wordless emoji play with non-English users.)”
What do you think of the new Facebook reactions? Do you still need a dislike button?

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