Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah deactivates all his social media accounts

Mohamed Salah has taken down all his social media accounts after sending a cryptic tweet that read, “2019 Resolution: Time to get in touch, for real.”

Mohamed Salah's Cryptic tweet
Mohamed Salah’s Cryptic tweet

As of today, his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts have gone, leaving fans to wonder why.

From his side, Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas, did not comment on the decision until now.

Some speculated that this is part of a new commercial campaign by DHL, Vodafone, or Pepsi, while others think it’s related to a recent dispute with the Egyptian Football Association.

Last year, the Egyptian FA used Salah’s image on the national team’s plane during the World Cup in June, causing damage to Salah’s contract with Vodafone, which holds exclusive rights to use his image.

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