How The World Reacted After Suarez Bite

Luis Suarez bite in front of the world during Uruguay and Italy’s match in group final match. The bite that the referee didn’t see but cameras did, has opened fire on Suarez online and in press after minutes from the referee final whistle, because Chellini didn’t walk away, but he showed the world Luis Suarez’s teeth on his shoulder. From its side, FIFA decided to suspend Suarez 4 months and ban him from 9 international matches. Uruguay will walk alone  in the world cup without Luis.

FIFA suspended Suarez for 4 months

After 48 hours from the bite, FIFA announced their decision towards Suarez, with a ban for 9 international matches plus 4 months suspension from any other football with his club Liverpool.

Online conversations about Suarez have exceeded conversations about the world cup itself

5.9 M online conversations about Suarez and his bite, while only 1.5 M for the world cup itself. It’s really shocking stats

World Cup vs Suarez conversations – Credit: Moustafa Fathy

Brands started to capitalize on the situation to maximize their benefits:

McDonald’s Uruguay unit tweeted: “Hello @luis16suarez, if you are hungry come have a bite of a big Mac.”

Cinema Scope:

Even Pokemon characters 

What are people saying?


Finally, play this game and start bitting

Start Bitting

Finally, everybody win, Uruguay lose because of the irresponsible action.

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