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Talabat Mart Egypt appoints Mohamed Sekkina as general manager

Talabat, the MENA’s leading technology platform in online food and grocery delivery, has announced the appointment of Mohamed Sekkina, as the new General Manager of Talabat Mart in Egypt.

Sekkina has a proven track record of experience that enabled him to lead the launch of Talabat Mart in Egypt and Oman in 2020 and head its business operations in the UAE before becoming interim Country Manager for the past 5-6 months, which saw Talabat Mart’s sales increase in the United Arab Emirates by more than 55%.

Sekkina’s strategy in his new role is pillared in providing an unparalleled grocery delivery experience, supporting the geographic expansion plans, and enhancing dark stores to better meet the demand of new and existing customers.

Commenting on his appointment as General Manager of Talabat Mart Egypt, Sekkina stated: “It gives me great pleasure to join Talabat Egypt’s team, and play a role in further advancing the team’s success in the Egyptian market. Not only will we shape the future of quick commerce in Egypt, but we started it back in March 2020. We introduced 20 min grocery delivery to one of the busiest countries in the world.”

Sekkina added that “Our overarching strategy is to develop Talabat Mart’s service to provide consumers with a seamless experience. Attaining this goal is highly facilitated by our innovative technologies that enable our dark stores to unprecedentedly meet market needs. We are working on unifying our seamless customer experience across Egypt and particularly focus on underserved areas because we believe that all Egyptian consumers should have access to high-quality services. We are also committed to supporting local suppliers and contributing to their business growth – we aim for Talabat Mart to become an incubator and supporter for all local businesses.”

He also pointed out that Talabat Mart currently has an assortment of about 5,000 products, and the company seeks to increase the number to approx. 8000 products in the coming period, especially under the fresh produce category. Sekkina elaborated that the process of selecting products by pickers inside the dark store does not exceed two minutes, in addition to the selection accuracy standing at 99.9%, meaning that possibilities of receiving missing or wrong items are highly minimized.

Talabat Mart is currently operational in the following areas: Alexandria, Mansoura, Tanta and Cairo (Hadayek Al-Ahram, Helwan, 6 October, Ibrahimia, El Tagamoa, Giza, Hejaz, Rehab, Al-Shorouk, Sheikh Zayed, Obour, Maadi, Mokattam, Hadayek El-Kobba, Sidi Beshr, Shubra, Ain Shams, Nasr City, Madinaty, El Haram, Heliopolis, and Downtown Cairo). In terms of expansion, Talabat Mart will be launching its operations in Ismailia, Port Said, and Zagazig in the coming few months and is working on doubling the number of dark stores by next year, which is currently more than 30 stores that operate 24/7.

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