Morocco fails to rescue boy trapped in well alive

Moroccan rescue teams failed to extract Rayan alive late on Saturday. A 5-years old boy trapped in a well for five days died hours before being rescued.

On Tuesday, Rayan Awram fell into the well at his village of Ighara in the hills near Chefchaouen. It was triggering a vast rescue effort that engrossed the country.

Rescuers retrieved his body late on Saturday. After removing much of the adjacent hillside and tunneling a horizontal passage into the well during the last five days.

Pictures on Moroccan media had shown Rayan stuck at the bottom of the disused well, which narrows as it descends from its 45cm (18in) opening, preventing rescuers from landing.

The boy’s mother had told Moroccan media that Rayan had been playing nearby when he disappeared on Tuesday afternoon.

“The whole family went out to look for him; then we realized that he’d fallen down the well,” she said.

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