Orange replaces Mobinil as rebranding hits final stages

Mobinil’s logo is officially down from the company’s headquarters as Orange continues to roll out its rebranding plans Saturday, killing off Egypt’s 18-year-old first mobile operator brand.

The name change is part of a slow transition to Orange, which started last year when the global telecom giant acquired Mobinil. The first rebranding stage covered stores, billboards, and now headquarters with TV and social media to follow.

The official Orange Egypt launch will take place in the second week of March.

Mobinil’s social media presence is scheduled for renaming to “Orange Egypt” on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media accounts over the coming two weeks, a company source who preferred to remain anonymous told Digital Boom.

 The Mobinil-impact

Mobinil is famous for sentimental, patriotic, and positive advertising campaigns, which garnered immense popularity among Egyptian for echoing popular culture.

How do people react to the brand swap?

Fans received the news with mixed feelings, expressing brand nostalgia in many of their comments on social media.

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