Jumia Egypt Celebrates 1,000,000 Loyal Customers in 4th Anniversary

March 30, Cairo, Egypt, Jumia Egypt is celebrating today four years of success in the e-commerce market.

In 2012, Jumia Egypt’s leading e-commerce platform, started the journey with objectives to be a unique, mass-reaching platform that would be beneficial to the majority. “Taking e-commerce up a notch in Egypt was a main objective when we first launched in Egypt because the society was not familiar with the convenience of online shopping, but this has changed dramatically over the past four years as the number of customers increased by 500% per year”, stated Hesham Safwat, CEO, Jumia Egypt.

Keeping customer convenience in mind, Jumia put providing exceptional online and offline services as the top priority. These services include the launch of AIGX, Jumia’s own courier service, and the creation of hubs in various areas around Cairo to make order pick-ups an easier process for the customers. Online, Jumia has an ongoing calendar of events all year long, including the annual Black Friday event that presents great discounts to its customers.

In the past four years, Jumia has reached its milestones with the support of an exceptional team of 315 talented and highly-motivated employees. The team is considered one of Jumia’s most important factors behind its force in becoming the leading e-commerce platform in Egypt.

Welcoming more than 3,000 sellers on board, Jumia now has more than 140,000 SKUs and is proud to announce that they have the widest assortments of genuine products in the market. The different categories range from electronics to household appliances to trendy fashion brands, and everything in between. Jumia promises to grow the number of sellers in the upcoming years to provide more products for its customers.

Other than customer satisfaction, Jumia also commits to providing job opportunities for the Egyptian society by increasing the number of sellers and employees on a regular basis. By adding the shop-in-shop feature on the platform, more local business got the opportunity to sell their high-end products on a site that would reach the masses. Promoting local talents and increasing its sellers continues to allow Jumia to leave an impact on the Egyptian economy.

Jumia entices fans during the anniversary by providing more than 5,000 different offers on the platform on all products from the 5th to the 7th of April. An online campaign “Play for the team” has begun on March 29th by which Jumia customers will receive a 40% discount on iPhone 6s smart-phone if the campaign’s social media post reaches more than 10,000 likes.

This campaign was revealed in Egypt as part of a regional campaign at all Jumia ventures in Africa, as part of a celebration of the success Jumia has received from their fan base.

About Jumia & Africa Internet Group

Jumia is the leading ecommerce platform in Africa with a presence in 11 countries. Since launching in 2012, the company has transformed the way that African consumers shop by offering them the opportunity to buy everything from fashion items to consumer electronics to home appliances all online. Jumia is part of a larger ecosystem of companies supported by Africa Internet Group (AIG), the leading internet platform in Africa with a network of companies including Carmudi, Easy Taxi, Everjobs, hellofood, Jovago, Jumia, Kaymu, Lamudi, Vendito and Zando across 23 African countries.

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