Stetla3 Launches its Online Platform with a Social Awareness Campaign

Cairo, 24 May 2017 – Stetla3, an online platform that allows users to share their personal opinions and stories around different social issues; launched yesterday with a social awareness campaign in partnership with Digital Boom. The campaign highlights the key role awareness plays in breaking down societal stereotypes through storytelling.

Sarah Kurdi, Founder of Stetla3, said, “In crafting Stetla3’s launching strategy, we wanted to focus on our mission which is increasing societal awareness around different social issues in the Arab world; thus, we thought why not tell the story of Stetla3 itself in a creative, visually appealing way that sheds the light on the amount of societal pressure and obstacles we usually go through if our choices don’t match the different societal stereotypes we have to abide by in our society”.

Kurdi continued, “I truly hope “Power of Awareness” can inspire people to share their own personal journey of standing up for their dreams because the key message here is that each one of us is born with a different personality and a unique set of talents and abilities and these differences should be embraced and celebrated”.

Commenting on the partnership our Editor in Chief, Ahmed Maher said “It’s our pleasure to join forces with Stetla3 on this campaign because I think it aligns with our mission in Digital Boom that is to serve as a community platform for industry collaboration and conversation and this time we want to tell the stories of a lot of the entrepreneurs and game changers who are turning their dreams into a reality despite the tremendous challenges”.

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