30K retweets give 17 employees a trip to Dubai

A trip to Dubai with just a tweet! While we were exploring our Twitter timeline, we found an RT by our friend Shaden. The tweet was by “Badr El Saad asking for 30K retweets to help him beat his manager and get a trip to Dubai for the team of 17 persons working in Smaat KSA.

A Trip to Dubai With Just A Tweet

30K Retweets – Trip to Dubai

The Twitter Magic Just Happened

Only 24 hours to get 30K Retweets and 17 employees won the trip to Dubai.

Badr Made His Homework By Cycling His Request On Real-time platforms like Twitter & Vine, But That Wasn’t The Only Key

We have analyzed the reasons why people helped Badr get the 30K Retweets and found that:

  • The spontaneous writing of the tweet, it’s not well-organized but has all aspects and a clear call to action with strong visual
  • Twitter users tend to fight against political leaders “Managers have something in common”

Those are the 2 key reasons Twitter users decided to help Badr for.

Congratulations Smaat for having such a creative & challenging team.

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