Snapchat Spurs 1.2M Mecca Live Tweets

Video messaging app Snapchat decided to live-stream Ramadan prayers in Mecca as an instant reaction to requests by many Muslims on Twitter across the globe on Mecca Live hashtag. Thousands of tweets during the last week asking Snapchat to feature the Laylat Al Qadr event from Mecca, which is on Tuesday, 13th of July.

Topsy analytics tool reported 1.2M total tweets in the range 8 – 20 July, tweeting about the Snapchat live stream on #Mecca_Live hashtag.

Screenshot: Topsy analytics

The Saudi Arabian city, which is closed to non-muslims, has been featured on Snapchat to show off live videos/photos to the biggest gathering to humankind globally, which is around Kabaa – Earth’s first spot god created.

Snapchat decision to feature the Mecca prayers in the most popular part of the app “Live” has drawn huge attention to Islam and let non-Muslims know more about the religion. They wonder if the media is telling the truth!

Mecca Live featured worshippers breaking their fasts over iftar meals, Mecca’s panoramic views, haircuts & prayers.
The Mecca Live hashtag on Twitter has been able to change the negative global narrative surrounding Islam.

Some tweeps would consider converting to Islam after seeing photos and videos from Mecca.

How did the initiative take place?

The initiative wasn’t a Snapchat idea, but all credit goes to a young Saudi Arabian tweep called Ahmed Al Jbreen on the 8th of July. Ahmed was disturbed by Snapchat for featuring “Tel Aviv Live.” Still, he considered the positive part of the story “Why not featuring Mecca Live” and beat the Tel Aviv story with a stunning story from Mecca, plus show off how peaceful Islam is? Here you go, the sequence of the initiative and how the whole thing started in tweets:


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