Some of the funniest ‘Kiki’ moments on the internet

It’s safe to say we all know who Kiki is by now. The “In my feelings challenge” has taken over the internet with 204K posts on Instagram. Drakes new song In my feelings has turned into an insane musically challenge, that has invaded our feeds. 

Check out our top 10 funniest and most creative #Inmyfeelingschallenge to this day.

10. Mother Son Challenge

9. She’s insanee!!

8. Who’s Kiki?! is she the reason you weren’t picking up last night?

7. Did somebody call the police?!

6. They said there’s no harm in trying!

5. Kiki fitness

4. Grandmaaaa got moves!

3. You gotta love the red dress

2. Mommies to be tooo!!

1. And our personal favorite, Kijami’s own Bassem!

Share your favorite “Kiki” moments with us @adigitalboom

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