The 5 magic questions to regain ‘Choice’

Even the tiniest change in the direction of a sailing ship shall take it to a totally different destination.

Same rule applies to any small change in human perspectives too! Gaining a new perspective changes the meaning we give for what we look at and, consequently, the decisions we make about our journey plans.

One of the primary functions of life-coaching is removing the barriers to new perspectives and giving a “new-look” to the same building blocks of the same life.

People who try coaching usually enjoy that as one of the most entertaining and mind-altering parts of the process. There is a reason for that positive feeling attached to new perspectives and it is that; changing our viewpoint towards a specific challenge or aim refreshes and illumines our lives in many different ways. Some of those are:

It surprises us by seeing hidden corners and disguised opportunities in a life that we used to think we already know every inch of

It frees our brains from the stickiness of routine and the dullness of linear thinking-style, the matter that creates senses of relief & amusement and ignites the creativity needed to overcome challenges

With enough practice, it creates useful skill and habit of studying alternative routes and relevant traffic conditions before moving between any two points (as if we use the newest version of google maps app to plan for life routes), and accordingly enables us to make better decisions about our journeys

One-day Hunting Game

One of the simple ways to trigger that process is deciding to play a “one-day-hunting-game”, where we start our day by asking ourselves a different set of questions than those we usually ask then let the flowing answers guide our steps. If you’d like to start practicing that mind-sport, let me recommend an initial powerful challenge to start with (then you can apply the same process on other ones you want). My suggested challenge for our first round is hunting and incubating the perspective of CHOICE for one day… needless to mention, it only counts when you hunt it alive :)).

Some of the questions that might help you attract the perspective of “CHOICE” to your nets are:

1- If I have full CHOICE today and no limitations are there, what will I choose to do with my life?

2- If I travelled to a new place where I know no one and no one knows me! What life style will I choose to lead?

3- What is the area of my life that I think I have a choice to rearrange/reshape today?

4- What are the actions that I can choose to stop, start or change today?

5- In a specific situation or event I’m facing now, besides the first meaning I give to it, what other meanings that event might have?.. If I faced it 10 years ago, how would I see it?.. If I look at it after 10 years from now, how will I find it?

Make sure you play using a pencil and a paper to write, or even draw, your answers.. that is a game rule!

Psychology research suggests that the amount of happiness and mental-health we enjoy is directly proportionate to the amount of control we have on our lives! Practicing life from the perspective of CHOICE rearranges the uncontrollable/loose parts of our mindset and gives our subconscious an underlying meaning of control that eventually provides more peace, clarity and wellness… do they sound pretty?

Put your boots on we’re going for hunting today. Have a pleasant journey!

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