Total Sponsors Rahhala’s Participation at Upcoming Gouna Rally Special 2017

In a special signing ceremony Total Egypt and Rahhala Racing inked a partnership agreement spanning diverse joint activities to be carried out in 2017 including car races, activations and road safety education.

As part of the agreement, Total will sponsor Rahhala Racing for the entirety of 2017, including its participation in the upcoming Gouna Rally Special 2017 taking place February 17 and 18.

Rahhala’s own locally designed and built racing 2×2 car will feature Total’s branding and use Total’s premium lubricants proven to enhance performance and endurance in extreme conditions.

“We are very proud to be part of the renowned Gouna Rally Special 2017 with our partner Rahalla Racing who have an excellent track record in some of the most important local and international car rallies,” said Lepetit. “As a main automotive player, we’re happy to support great teams and events that not only advance the industry, but also help drive tourism and economic growth. It is an on-ground testimony of the quality of our world-class engine oils designed to support extreme performance. We look forward to this exciting event which is only part of our partnership covering other activities that encourage youth, bolster sports events and enhance road safety education.”

Total has an established presence in international race tracks including Formula 1 and the Dakar Rally, supporting rising interest in motor sports and encouraging youth and rising talents in Egypt and worldwide to take on motorsports while educating them on road safety.

“We are tremendously happy to partner with Total in the upcoming Gouna Rally Special 2017 and beyond. Total is a giant oil company and a leading manufacturer of car lubricants in Egypt and worldwide. We are proud to bear the company’s brand and to entrust Total’s oils with our very own manufactured racing car,” said Hani Omar. “Our Rahhala team including talented pilots, mechanics and marketing experts,  has an impressive track record in local and international car rallies that have earned us industry-wide confidence. We are proud to have won the Gouna Rally for the past three consecutive years and we look forward to another exciting adventure this year.”

El Gouna Rally is the biggest annual  local rally that has been taking the desert racing scene in Egypt to an international level since 2010. The rally brings together a parade of unique racing cars and talented pilots, and has been one of the most important sports events in Egypt.

El Gouna Rally’s 6th edition will cover a two-day, two-stage rally with 10 Egyptian teams participating this year, including Rahhala Racing sponsored by Total Egypt. The parade kicks off from Abu Tig Marina on Friday morning, February 17, and ends the following day with the award ceremony and celebrations at night.

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