Weekly Top 10 YouTube Videos in Egypt

Another way to discover what’s happening around is YouTube videos from your country — That’s why we’ve decided to monitor & collect the top top youtube videos in Egypt on a daily basis and

People watch and we monitor

#1 Lucy TRAILER 1 (2014)

The Egyptian actress Amr Waked joined a sc-fi movie that centers on a woman caught in a dark deal who turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior. Releasing on August 8.

#2 A phone call for the x-president Hosny Mubarak supporting General SISI

In a leaked call by AlHayah TV Group appeared in youtube videos in Egypt trends — the ex-president Hosny Mubarak was asked about his opinion in the current political situation in Egypt and what are his predicts for the upcoming presidential elections, Mubarak’s answer was “Al Sisi is the man of this stage, and his full support to the army”

#3 Myriam Fares opens her dress in an interview!

The Lebanese singer Myriam Fares raises controversy about why she opened her dress from behind in an interview? Oh! It’s top of youtube videos in Egypt and most of the Arabian countries.

#4 The first kiss video

An advertisement for clothes by Wren is still on top of youtube videos in Egypt, the ad is featuring strangers whom are professional performers acting out love and sex.

#5 AlJazeera’s commenter LOL because of “Fashtag”

A simple man called Aljazeera commenting on Al Sisi and how everything in the country is turning around to support him in the presidential elections, he also mentioned that “Thanks for the youth of Fashtag, he meant hashtag for creating an anti hashtag towards Al Sisi”.

#6 A song by Kazem Al Saher in MBC The Voice final

The video is actually trending in Egypt based on females views, while checking the same video The song called Akon Aw La Akon “To be or not to be”,

#7 Jean Chahid Mech Enti

A song by the Star Academy star Jean Chahid, most shared and viewed by females in Egypt

#8 A speech by General AbdelFatah Al Sisi parsing ex- commander Tantawi

Activists are sharing a historical video by General Sisi, parsing his commander General Tantawi for his special efforts and unique management style!

#9 Teaser promo: CBC- Ajmal Snin Omrena “Our best years”

A new TV show on CBC EG, presented by the sexy Helda Khalifa “Star Academy Presenter”, the show is a flashback from the past on best musical moments in Egypt, also comparing specific years in a unique way, inviting those years’ stars to perform their memorial songs again in 2014.

#10 What did they say about General Sisi? by Al Sisi official campaign

Keep an eye on us next Friday for more trending videos from Egypt.

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