TSS and Payscript join forces to enable crypto payment acceptance on POS in Middle East

Trust Smart Solutions (TSS) teams up with Payscript to enable Crypto payment acceptance on the point of Sales Terminals in the Middle East region.

Trust Smart Solutions is a regional payment technology provider, enabling acquirers, processors, and banks with payment acceptance infrastructure. It’s also a regional channel partner with PAX Technology for supplying PAX POS terminals and other solutions.

Payscript is an all-inclusive Crypto solutions-as-a-service platform; it allows users to make crypto payments through different channels, including sending and receiving payments, accepting payments on E-commerce stores and online websites, and physical point-of-sale transactions in retail stores and cafes.

This collaboration will expedite intersectional user adoption among those seeking crypto payment solutions and open opportunities for various new offerings.

Tamim Halawani, Deputy General Manager of Trust Smart Solutions, said, “Crypto is at the forefront of payment innovation globally, addressing high-impact use cases across the merchant-consumer ecosystem. We firmly believe that our partnership with Payscript will democratize access to the crypto universe and drive seamless adoption across various payment channels.”

Nadeem Shaikh, CEO of Payscript, said, “Cryptography is going to be the future of money, whether it’s Bitcoin or Stable Coin or Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) still needs to be seen, but it’s inevitable. Crypto provides a better, transparent, secure framework for managing money. Our partnership with Trust Smart Solutions will enable merchants across the Middle East and North Africa to accept crypto payments on the point-of-sale terminals directly in addition to cards! Isn’t that amazing? I am super excited about the partnership and the opportunities lying ahead”.

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