Wunderlist shuts down, merges with Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft has set to discontinue the could-based task management app Wunderlist on May 6th, 2020, to be migrated to its To-Do app.

After May 6th, users’ to-dos will no longer sync, but they will still be able to import lists, tasks, and other content into Microsoft To-Do.

Founded in 2011 by Berlin-based startup 6Wunderkinder, Wunderlist was acquired by Microsoft in 2015, at which time the app had over 13 million users.

In a blog post, Wunderlist said they would no longer accept new Wunderlist sign-ups. However, users can switch to Microsoft To-Do accounts to enjoy the latest technologies and updates.

Wunderlist is encouraging its users to switch to the Microsoft To-Do app, saying, “we’re confident in To Do being the best alternative for Wunderlist now, and so we believe it’s the right time to make the next move.”

Watch Wunderlist’s latest videos ever explaining the move, bidding farewell to their app, and welcoming Do To.

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