Radio.Garden Live Map of The Globe’s Radio Stations is a new radio aggregator service, that enables you to live streaming radio stations of your choice across the globe using map.

Select any region in the earth map and you get to hear the live streaming of their radio channels. Only if they’re broadcasting online, of course.

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Radio.Garden service also detects your laptop or mobile location using GPS if enabled and live-streams the nearest radio station available in your area, according to your credentials.

Radio.Garden allows users to share specific live streaming with friends

One more feature we love about and we think it’s a powerful one, is that a user can share a specific live-streaming radio station with friends – As the service generates a custom link for each radio station in the world – Just copy the link and send it to friends.


We’re sharing with you now a live-streaming of Diab FM, click on this link and you will be directed to the station regardless your current location.

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It’s just epic, must try!