Nogoum FM Tops All Radio Stations Globally

July 2014, Nogoum FM has been recognized as NUMBER ONE radio station worldwide with +4 million likes on Facebook. Nogoum FM online team has been able to help the station sustain and develop the relationship with its audiences by empowering audiences online via social media and mobile apps.

Top 10 Radio Stations on Facebook Worldwide:

The inforgraphic shows that Nogoum FM has been able to top all radio stations worldwide, and Radio Sawa comes next to reserve the 2 top position for Arabic radio stations.

Nogoum FM tops all radio stations worldwide

Nogoum FM Success:

About Nogoum FM: Nogoum FM was founded by Nile Radio Production in 2003 as the first independent Arabic FM radio station in Egypt, aiming to connect youth to radio after a long disconnection.

The challenge: Year over year and with the internet revolution in Egypt, especially after 25th of January 2011, communication channels have been taken to a new era, and gradually, online communication has ousted the traditional communications ways such as SMS and phone calls, people have started to rely on the internet getting news, updates about their music & celebs, leaving behind all traditional newspapers, magazines and even Radio & TV.

Fact: Being online has became essential or you will be left behind.

Identify online community needs to suite today’s lifestyle and win in the mind & heart:

  • Let audiences connect with Nogoum FM 24/7 from around the world via high quality live audio streaming
  • Now Playing feature provides name of artists and song titles (shareable on Facebook/Twitter)
  • SMS/Call Nogoum FM right from within the App
  • See the daily shows schedule and set show alerts
  • Watch hundreds of HD videos (updated frequently) from select shows
  • Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures
  • Read about your favorite presenters and shows
  • Read the latest in entertainment and gossip news

Assets needed to achieve above goals:

  • Nogoum FM online portal
  • Live-streaming to keep audiences connected 24/7 and reach more audiences
  • Strong social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc…) to keep audiences engaged 24/7
  • IOSAndroid & Windows mobile/tablets apps to serve audiences on the go
  • Dedicated E-mail to receive inquiries & feedback

That’s briefly what Nile Radio Production realized and started to execute in 2012. which 9 years late, but it’s never too late to succeed!


  1. Thanks for the article and that’s great to see Nogoum FM on top globally. I just would like to add to your article a point of recommendation to the social media department in Nile Radio Production, which is the communication with their audience on social media. Nogoum FM and Nile FM have never been communicating with their audiences online, I assume they receive hundreds of inquiries on daily basis and I imagine how hectic it’s to communicate online with everyone, but they should build a 2-ways online communication even with few fans like they do successfully on phone calls during shows.