Social Media Nightmare in The Left Bank Valet

Social Media Nightmare in The Left Bank Valet

Why would you choose a certain place to visit on daily basis while you have a lot of other options in the surrounding area. Is it because of the service, the taste on food and beverages, the view, or may be because it is a place where your trust won’t go in vain.

Left Bank is one of the places that used to have a very good reputation in Zamalik and surrounding areas but not anymore.

The Story:

On the 9th of September, a young woman visited Left Bank as she always does for the past 2 years. She is a well-known customer “By Name” for everyone who works there, and maybe as well for other customers. As she always does for the past 2 years, she gave her Car keys to the valet person to enjoy her time for a couple of hours.

She came out asking for her car keys to leave and that was when she was told that her own driver came to take it “Car theft”.

For 2 years, she drives her own car with no drivers whatsoever and they decided that day that she has a driver who they actually trusted enough to hand him the keys.

Social Media No-no Crisis Management:

For some reasons, Left Bank decided to take it to Social Media which wasn’t supposed to happen at all as the customer did NOT post anything on Left Bank page or even on her personal profile — Let’s explore together Left Bank fatal mistakes in handling their first real social media crisis:

Epic Fail by Choosing the Wrong Medium

Left Bank decided to communicate the incident on Facebook only, which is totally wrong because the right medium had to be twitter where the heat is, they had to THINK for a minute, do their homework by monitoring, analyzing the stream before publishing on Facebook, the bad social media management cursed their Facebook page for a long time with no good reasons! However, their Twitter account is in hell and no one is taking care of the stream. Weird!

Provoking The Mass With a Poor PR Statement

The first statement was really poor written and disappointing to the customer and even the people who are watching, the statement was in one way which is “We’re no responsible for the Valet, it’s the customer’s responsibility, however, we will keep you updated with the authorities investigations”. Totally provoking to anyone to take the customer’s side and boycott the restaurant for lifetime.

The Topic Has Became Egypt’s Number 1 Trending Topic

The feedback they got from their own customers was horrifying and totally not expected for them, the topic went viral like crazy and became Egypt’s top trending topic with more than 1.2K Tweets/RTs/Replies

Left Bank Topic is Trending via (the victim twitter handle)

Negative Feedback, Pointing @LeftBankOnline:

Customers feedback on twitter

 More From Twitter

Customers feedback on twitter

They weren’t transparent when the whole thing happened, the security cameras taped a blurry video that’s totally not helpful and the first statement was just to confirm that it is an irresponsible management. On the other hand, the young lady who got her car stolen is one of the social media top influencing profiles in Egypt and the restaurant knows that well because she is a regular customer, but why they challenged her? As she didn’t take the issue to Social Media until they did that wrong move.

Continued With The Same Mistake

After the negative hype that happened because of their ignorance and because of the lack of Social Media crisis management, they decided to publish another statement to receive again a negative feedback and still they are not taking any proper responsibility over the incident.

Left Bank second statement on the stolen car incident from their backyard

This incident wasn’t the first to happen in Left Bank. Authorities still working on the case. The Vales was questioned and then released.

Stay tuned for more updates about the case, as it’s still not closed.