Support your team with Twitter HashFlags

Twitter just announced the launch of its new world cup feature “Hashflags“, along with other features to help you keep up with the #WorldCup. You can now cheer for your World Cup team with flags, actually Twitter launched this feature during world cup 2010 in South Africa, and today they’ve brought it back to live to let fans support their teams in Brazil.

How to use HashFlags?

Hashflags are so easy to use, Hash the first three letters from your team’s name and it will be turned to a colored flag like the below — Support your team now!

twitter hashflags

Vote For Your World Cup Team on Twitter

What if your team had to get the most Twitter mentions to win the World Cup? Who would win? Support your team and find out. Click VOTE to send out a Tweet with a hashflag.

vote for your team

Support Your Team

You can easily follow along with what’s happening via Twitter World Cup timelines. If you’re already on Twitter, you can also support your team and take advantage of these new World Cup features by clicking here.

Choose a team

World Cup Timelines

The World Cup and match timelines make it easy to stay up to date with the World Cup –– search for or tap on #WorldCup or #WorldCup2014 to view them. In the World Cup timeline, you can view Tweets related to the World Cup from people in your network, along with relevant Tweets from teams, players, coaches, press, fans in the stadiums and celebrities. The match timeline shows Tweets about specific matches that are happening in real-time to help you keep up with the latest goals, saves. Even if you’re not near TV. And if you want to view Tweets with photos and videos, just choose the photos only view.

worldcup timelines

Love every second with Twitter #WorldCup features

Twitter also offers you and other fans around the world a front row seat to all 64 matches. Whether you’re on Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android or, you can easily follow all the matches, players, coaches and more.

  Enjoy the world cup #ITA #ENG #ESP #BRA What’s your team?