10 Promising Jordanian Tech Startups

MENA has over the years cemented its importance as a global tech hub. Of the massive Arab-speakers population of 350 million, 40 percent of the individuals are now active internet users.

Smartphone penetration both in the UAE and Saudi Arabia is now over 60 percent, which is slightly higher than as is found in the US, UK, France, and Germany. Moreover, the time spent by Saudi Arabia and UAE on social media is surprisingly also higher than is in these aforementioned four nations.

Even so, unlike numbers would suggest, the regional tech starters hub is not in Saudi Arabia or UAE but Amman-the capital of Jordan. Referred to as Silicon Wadi’, this city houses over 600 tech firms, half of them start-ups.

Among the most promising startups it hosts are:

1. Repzo

Repzo is a mobile sales Customer Relationship Management application for Android and iPhone devices. Its functionality and features are great for use by professionals in sales, marketing, and service companies who frequently send reps into the field.

With the use of the app, reps are able to track and manage their clients’
interactions, finalize purchase orders and transaction reports while in the
field. The app also securely saves your client’s
GPS locations so that you could navigate to them easily every time.

2. CashBasha

This is a unique web-based service that allows shoppers to buy items with cash from Amazon and have them delivered to their doorsteps. It is very convenient for people who lack online payment systems. It calculates the lowest shipping and customs charges and takes care of any
other shipping and packaging arrangements on your behalf. Therefore, it is very
pocket-friendly and efficient. CashBasha takes care of the vast eCommerce market of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

3. Tamatem

This is a mobile game developer which localizes globally published mobile games and develops its own games for Arabic speakers. Some of the most popular games it has developed are Arabic Stars QuizIn and Death Road. It has made online content in app stores accessible to Arabic users and exposed them to entertainment and fun just as their fellow English
speakers in other parts of the world.

4. Edaura

This start-up is based on a course management application for educators. It allows teachers, instructors, and trainers to connect and share learning resources with their students. It also allows for course assessment through distributing and collecting assignments. Learners and educators can conveniently communicate aspects of their study and give timely feedbacks.

5. 3Oun

The company is based on the 3Oun service platform app that helps you reach utility service in an easier way. You can schedule the delivery of a quality and credible handyman for any household repair or installation tasks.

6. BilForon

This is a marketplace application that connects customers with home-cooks. Everybody knows that home food is the best. This app allows food enthusiast to order and pick up food right at the doorstep of their preferred home-based cooks.

7. MindRockets

This is a start-up that develops assistive technology solutions for the hard of hearing deaf
community. It helps in bridging the communication gap between people suffering such disabilities and tech-based gadgets or service. It uses avatars to deliver text or speech to sign language interpretations.

8. Hello World Kids

This is a start-up organization that specializes in teaching computer and programming skills to
kids. It seeks to invest in the huge creative potential of children into programming. Its goal is to make sure that young adults would be better equipped to offer solutions to problems in a
rapidly evolving technology-based world.

9. Friendture

This is a start-up based on a mobile app that enables it, users, to connect for group management, group activity, and creation. Users have the luxury of planning and managing public or private events.

10. Feesheh

This is an online based music and instrument store. It provides musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards, drums, digital pianos, violins, and percussions. It also offers literature and multi-media accessories in from of books and DVDs for people to use in learning their musical instruments. The company also offers instrument repair services.

A thank you goes to Khaled ElAhmed for helping me scanning the Jordanian startup scene.

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