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VISA Middle East Fails To Promote On Twitter

Promoting on twitter became insane in the MENA region especially in Egypt, it’s confusing why do regional brands promote on twitter although they know that it’s inefficient and probably will cause a brand damage!

VISA MIDDLE EAST Promoting on Twitter

After what happened to telecom and automative brands recently, why does any brand use twitter ads?! However, Facebook is much safer and cheaper!

Today we’re presenting another page of failure for a campaign promoted on twitter, it’s VISA Middle East promoting Dubai Shopping Festival and the world cup 2014 hashtag “Welcome to Brazil”.

VISA Middle East tweeted “Use your VISA during Dubai Shopping Festival and win a chance to attend World Cup 2014 in Brazil” ending the tweet with Arabic hashtag welcome to Brazil.

The campaign actually failed to generate the minimum buzz, targeting was the worst, generated 12 tweet/RTs only in 7 days. Not only that, people who interacted with the trend didn’t understand the purpose of the promoted trend and started to make fun of VISA Middle East with sarcastic tweets.

HYG some of people’s reactions:

تاكسي لـ البرازيل لو سمحت 😀 #أهلا_في_البرازيل

Marketeers should not waste their budgets on promoting shit on twitter, let’s us know your thoughts… 

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