Webinar with Jeff Bullas: 11 Lessons That PR Professionals Need to Learn in a Digital World

Just when a marketing, PR, or social media trend is about to go mainstream, Jeff Bullas is there to make sure we’re ready to make the most of it. Named 2016’s #1 Global Digital Marketer, his practical advice on building communities, wielding influence, and measuring impact have been helping us stay ahead of the digital revolution.

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Join us for this exclusive webinar on Wednesday, 17 August at 2PM Dubai time. Jeff will walk us through 11 lessons on:

  • Using data to reinvent everything from sending press releases to measuring the impact of your message
  • The kinds of pitches that work best for winning influencers over
  • Real-world examples for benchmarking everything you do and proactively improving results

Keynote speakers

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas
Jeff is a Forbes Top 10 social media influencer and a Global #1 contentmarketing influencer, who learned the secrets to growing web traffic without paying Google or Facebook a cent. He works with companies and communications executives to optimize their online, personal, and company brands with digital content and social media marketing. In spring 2016, he was named #1 global Digital Marketing Influencer by Onalytica.

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Farah Souhail
Farah is a PR & Digital Marketing Manager who is passionate about all things related to social media, PR and marketing. Speaking 3 languages, she loves observing the impact of marketing on society and takes a special interest in the social media landscape in the Middle East & North Africa. As a foodie, Farah enjoys baking and one of her ambitions is to master the art of cupcake making.