Haifa Wehbe Disable VEVO Dislikes and Comments Over Social Media Outrage

Haifa Wehbe, digital boom

The Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe is one of the most notable singers in the Arab World, and is considered one of the most successful Lebanese singers. Haifa recently joined VEVO. Joining VEVO is one of Haifa Haifa Wehbe ‘s biggest achievements, as she’s the first Arabian singer to join the world’s number one digital music platform.
VEVO tweet Introducing Haifa

Haifa Wehbe – Breathing You In

Haifa’s ‘Breathing You In’ Social Media Stats

14th of April, Haifa released her song “Breathing You in” on VEVO. The video got +600K views on youtube in less than 48 hours, 30K interactions on Facebook (since the launch), 5K tweets in both Arabic & English.

So, Why Haifa Disabled Comments & Dislikes on Her Latest/First VEVO Video?

The feedback was very disappointing to Haifa, what made her social media team disable comments and likes/dislikes on YouTube! The Video got over 2.5K dislikes in less than 48 hours with mass negative comments. Unfortunately, we couldn’t record that as a reference in our report, however, there’re sample comments to display from Facebook and twitter, which tell us clearly why that action was taken.
Haifa disabled comments and dislikes after 2.5K dislikes and mass negative comments.

A metric such as “YouTube Dislike” is something you can’t fake. That explains why Haifa disabled the youtube dislikes.

Haifa, You Cannot Remove Everything, Facebook & Twitter, Said… 

Sample negative comments from Haifa Wehbe Facebook

Wasn’t Different on Twitter!

Below are sample tweets from different keywords we chosen, after filtering the stereotyped tweets:
Sample negative tweets – Haifa Wehbe Breathing You In
The above isn’t a sentiment analysis, it’s just an indicator why Haifa disabled the ability to comment or like/dislike on YouTube.

Our Message to Celebs/Brands/Whoever Dealing With Masses Online:

You cannot shutdown people’s voices online, if people have a negative feedback on you, that’s an indicator for two things, the first you’re being noticed, the second, your work isn’t good enough and you need to reconsider what you are doing.
Please drop a comment if you wish to add anything or have a screenshot from Haifa’s YouTube video before removing them!