Report: Facebook comes to life in Ramadan

Facebook has released a new report on how people share their Ramadan experiences, find inspiration, and discuss their passions on the platform during the holy month.

Community: Comes to life on Facebook

Over 244M people on Facebook celebrate Ramadan. Including 86% of people on Facebook in the Middle East.

Leisure: Comes to life on Facebook

Every day during Ramadan in MENA, People spend 1.92M incremental hours on Facebook. That represents 5% more time spent per session by the average MENA Facebook user during Ramadan, which means you have an extra 57.6M hours to capture attention during Ramadan.

Prime Time: comes to life on Facebook

Usage of Facebook rises by up to 200% from 2-5AM.

Prime Time on Facebook during Ramadan
Chart: Facebook Report

Night Time: comes to life on Facebook

  • There are 4.16x more conversions at 4AM during Ramadan compared to non-Ramadan months.
  • And there are 4.84x more conversions on Mobile during this time.
night time conversion ratio on Facebook during Ramadan
Source: Facebook Ramadan Report 2017

For more insights, download the Facebook Ramadan Playbook

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