Vodafone Egypt Makes Life Easier for the Blind with Innovative App

Designed for the blind and the visually impaired, the E3rafli app is an innovative program from the bounds of Vodafone Egypt.

As part of its continuing bid for inclusivity, Vodafone Egypt recently launched E3rafli – an app destined to make life a bit easier for the blind and the visually impaired in the country.

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With this new innovative technology, those with sight issues will be able to determine colors, charge their Vodafone cards, and comprehend the value of their cards.

In the same way, the application will enable the blind and the visually impaired in Egypt check denominations of local currency as well as count their money on the go. The digital innovation will, further, empower this previously-sidelined segment of the popular to recognize digital cashiers while paying as well as read taxi meters at the end of each trip.

E3rafli is as innovative as they come. The technology works so efficiently that other companies were left wondering why no one had thought up a similar app in the past. For instance, users will only have to direct their Smartphone cameras toward any item to find out more about it.

Vodafone, a globally renowned world, set up offices in Egypt in 1998. Today, the company has made a name for itself by focusing on useful, innovative applications to improve service delivery to clients – notwithstanding their abilities or physical limitations.

With E3rafli, Vodafone will enable blind people and the visually impaired to find anything they are looking for. The development of the technology took some time, but it will be worth every single pound spent in the long run.

More particularly, this mobile app will help those with sight issues find the most convenient solutions to their daily problems. It will also go a long way in improving computing experiences and the use of Vodafone services among the visually impaired.

It’s not the first time that Vodafone Egypt introduces a solution specifically tailored for people with disabilities. Last year, the company introduced a new tariff plan designed to help the deaf communicate better on Vodafone

How to use E3rafli app?

That said, at its most basic, E3rafli is a color and object recognizer mobile app. Using it, the blind and the visually impaired will have an easier time performing their daily tasks.

It works after the user turns voice accessibility on and navigating to any of the features provided. Users should also point their phone’s camera at the object they are interested in before pressing any recognition button (placed at the bottom of the phone screen).

The innovative application will keep on running as well as recognizing selected objects until the user switches to another mode. Not surprisingly, this app will identify a wide variety of objects – including but not limited to Vodafone top up cards, cashier digital registers, and Egyptian currency. It also recognizes basic colors and can count.

At the moment, E3rafli is available in English and Arabic. It comes in both Android and IOS versions.

Overall, Vodafone has gone over and beyond with regards to enabling people with disabilities to communicate better. These efforts are commendable and ought to be copied by other companies with such a large presence in Egypt.

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