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Coca Cola Egypt World Cup campaign social media review

Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign, featuring Wael Gomaa, “Defense player in Egypt’s national team & Al Ahly club,” became the most trending ad in Egypt since it was published on March 13th, with over 2 million views on YouTube.

Introducing the Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign concept: After the disappointing loss of 6-1 against Ghana in the world cup 2014’s qualifications, the mission has become difficult for the World Cup sponsors like Coca-Cola to reach people’s minds. Egyptians were revoked after the loss. Hence, Coca-Cola thought to hit hard on the negative side of the story & turn it into a positive. Let’s discover what they’ve done and analyze the Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign from different perspectives together.

Coca-Cola Egypt’s ad featuring Wael Gomaa; Why?

Coca-Cola always plays well on emotions, knows how to gain people’s attention, and in the last decade, Coca-Cola’s BIG wins were through simple ideas + music, this time Coca-Cola Egypt decided to play it differently with the creative director Tameem Youness:

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  • There was a negative fact: The knockout from the world cup’s qualifications.
  • Get people connected with A football star who participated in the loss. “Defense player is preferred because of the heavy score” has charisma & rarely seen in ads. He should be “Wael Gomaa,” indeed.
  • Get people back to the Ad “creatively”: Egyptians love comedy, so when a tough character like Wael Gomaa gets involved in any comedy show, he will gain a BIG LOL or an EPIC FAIL — That is what Tameem Youness has been able to understand from the beginning “Wael Gomaa tough look” is the key, Football players aren’t representative and bad when it comes to voice over, so he relied on the ” TOUGH LOOK,” succeeded to turn it into a fun scene without a word from Wael. Well done, Tameem. Also, we have to recognize the amazing voice-over because, without it, the ad wouldn’t hit that big.
  • The Light: The world cup is still on, and you will be watching it regardless of the knockout
  • Positive result: You can travel to Brazil and watch the world cup
  • The Promise: Whether Egypt is in or out of the world cup 2014, you will be special & happy with Coca Cola


Watch Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign YTC

Coca-Cola Egypt Social Media Strategy to Deliver The Promise:

The YTC has been able to generate +2 million views on YouTube, but it’s not everything. Coca-Cola worked hard & well on the campaign’s social media strategy to gain credibility over social networks and more…

Twitter Activities:

The official Twitter account has played an important role in the Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign’s social media success by providing consistent activities every day.

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  • Engaging followers by asking daily questions about Egypt and where can be the coca-cola winning bottles
  • Spreading awareness by using the campaign hashtag & other popular “HAPPY” hashtags like Kashmagi
  • Building credibility by announcing winners’ names & photos on a daily basis


That proves & delivers the Coca-Cola promise perfectly; well done, Coca-Cola, on Twitter, you deserve a medal.

Buzz Trend on Twitter

Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign Trend on Twitter

Snapshot of Coca-Cola Engaging Activities on Twitter

Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign engaging activities on Twitter

 Snapshot of how Coca Cola Announces the Winners on Twitter

Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign Winners on Twitter

I Hope Coca-Cola Egypt World Cup Campaign’s successful story inspires you and links your ideas on how segmentation and digital planning should be for great results. Please let us know in the comment box below if you have any questions.

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