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Hello Happiness phone booth: A debatable Initiative

Coca cola is one of the world’s most loved brands, but in the UAE it’s not the market leader. The company decided to increase brand love by launching an initiative which targets the country’s large asian population, most specifically the blue color workers, who leave their families behind and comes to UAE and in search of a better future.

This segment usually only targeted with basic freebies and generic prizes, Coca Cola tapped into an insight that the workers can truly related to.

Coca-Cola decided to spread a little happiness by helping these Asian workers connect to their families back home more often.

“The call costs $0.9 per min. and those Asian laborers average wages is $6 per day.”

Hello Happiness phone booth was created. Smartly turns the Coca Cola bottle caps into currency to be be used as a currency to call their families through the Hello Happiness phone Booth.

Over 140,000 minutes were logged in the first 30 days. The video got over 820 million media impression as it was picked up by international media, bloggers, after becoming the UAE’s top trending topic online.

Coca-cola estimated the brand love increase by 13.5% after the campaign.

The Debate – What Have People Said About Coca Cola Initiative Online?

We’ve scanned the web for real feedback about the initiative in Dubai, here’s a summary for what was being said:

Sentiment Analysis – Hello Happiness by Coca Cola Dubai

  • 45% praised the initiative for creativity and humanity
  • 55% who disliked the initiative have a lot to say about slavery, poverty, bad marketing, Coca Cola real intention is to increase sales, Coca Cola is destroying poor people’s health by misusing them for marketing? A Coca Cola bottle costs $0.5 while $0.9 per min., so you’re not helping, you’re increasing sales, and more from people to be displayed next, please continue reading…


Debate on YouTube

In a post by MENA Tech on Facebook, People expressed their dissatisfaction and anger toward Coca Cola’s latest marketing campaign “Hello Happiness”.

Negative Verbatim

on Twitter

Volume of negative tweets is low, the campaign didn’t make that propaganda on Twitter, however, we’ve been able to capture some of people’s concerns around the campaign as following:

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