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Huawei Egypt Exceeds Customer Expectations on Social Media

Huawei Egypt responded proactively to a tweet asking for the P8 device as a birthday gift. The tweet was signed with the hashtag #P8GoesNorth without mentioning Huawei’s twitter handle or even the brand name.
The Extra Mile, Huawei team invited the Tweep “Mahmoud Arafa” to the company’s office and celebrated his birthday in a friendly atmosphere. Why? Wasn’t it enough to send the gift to his doorstep and everyone will be happy? The answer is as simple as this question “Will you be happy if your family & friends send your birthday gifts with a courier without a celebration party?

It looks like Huawei Egypt’s team are doing social media right by monitoring, listening, and responding proactively with a sensitive human touch.
When we first saw Huawei’s reply, we thought that the Tweep is an influencer with thousands of followers, or maybe the tweet is getting a lot of fanfare so Huawei decided to jump in and use it for publicity. Eventually, our assumptions were wrong, he isn’t an influencer, and his tweet barely Retweeted twice.
On twitter, sometimes people tweet for just tweeting, and they know deep inside that no one is watching. Can brands join the conversation smartly?

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