Chelsea Facebook Page and Other Big Four in Egypt

On 23rd of January, Chelsea FC showed interest in the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, who gained a great popularity during his career with FC Basel, since that date and till now, Chelsea Facebook Page is suffering Egyptians’ comments in Arabic with thousands of likes on each comment.

Hence, we decided to analyze and showcase what’s exactly happening from fans’ behavior, social media statistics to the impact on Chelsea’s social media presence and how can they tackle it.

Mohamed Salah becomes trending on social media

It all started when Chelsea sent this tweet which announces the agreement of Mohamed Salah’s transfer to the blues from Basel.

270K tweets in the first 5 days

Salah Trend on Twitter - Digital Boom, chelsea social media egypt * Trend is based on Mohamed Salah keywords in Arabic & English on twitter in the last 30 days.

What Is Happening On Chelsea Facebook Page?

  • Starting Jan 23rd, Massive comments from Egyptians on Chelsea’s Facebook posts
  • Type of comments is all sarcastic, showing support for Mohamed Salah, and threatening Chelsea if Salah didn’t play
  • Chelsea’s fans from all over the world started to notice the Arabic comments and ask the Egyptians to comment in English instead
  • Chelsea’s fans got annoyed because of the massive comments and started to ask the Egyptians to stop spamming the page

Egyptians invaded Chelsea Facebook Pagechelsea facebook page, Mohamed Salah impact on Chelsea
That leads us to ask a series of serious questions:

1. How Many Egyptian Fans Do Big Four Have On Facebook?

big four on social media in the Middle East and North Africa region
Big Four Facebook Leaderboard in MENA region

2. What Happened after Mohamed Salah’s transfer? — Chelsea Facebook Page fans growth!

Chelsea Facebook page top countries in terms of fanbase
Chelsea Facebook page top countries in terms of fanbase

Manchester United Arabic Post For Egyptian Fans

man utd Arabic post on Facebook celebrating 40 million fans
Chelsea Fans From Egypt are growing rapidly.

  • Why don’t Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Man hire Egyptian Social Media Agencies to manage their Facebook Pages and keep the Egyptian fans positively engaged?
  • Does Chelsea online team have any future plans for their Egyptian fans after Mohamed Salah’s end of contract?
  • Can Chelsea have a better opportunity to gain fans from Egypt like this?
  • Will other clubs in the premier league start looking for Egyptian players to expand their popularity in Egypt?

Let us know your thoughts on this.